Ex-Professor: SGRD Medical College, Amritsar

We provide wide range of services and facilities are created to heal the child with ease, and to ensure peace of mind to their families.

Well Baby and Immunization Clinic
For monitoring regular growth, proper development and timely vaccination of the babies. If your child is immunized against an illness, the chances of getting that illness are reduced to a great extent since your child's body has already made antibodies against it. Immunization is the most effective method of protecting your child from certain serious infections.

High Risk Clinic
For  Regular follow up for growth and development of all high risk new born babies.

Asthma clinic
To aware the parents about the causes of asthma in children, to cure the disease and to increase quality of life of the child

Epilepsy clinic
We diagnose and treat epileptic kids with utmost care. Latest information is provided to parents to make the kid live life normally

Psychology clinic
Counselling and therapeutic management of kids and adoloscents done to help them cope up with increased stress and pressures of modern lifestyles

Pediatric neurology
We effectively manage kids with diseases affecting nervous system and muscles, epilepsy, headaches and more

Allergy clinic
Specialized services provided for allergies and skin disorders in co-ordination with a dermatologist

Pediatric hematology and thalassemia clinic
Therapeutic services provided for all blood disorders, including anaemias, hemophilia, thalassemia

Pediatric Nephrology clinic
We provide effective treatment of diseases like daytime wetting ,bedwetting, hydrocele or hernia, hypospadias, undescended testicle, urinary tract infections, vesicoureteral reflux

Growth monitoring clinic

Diet and nutrition clinic

Thalessaemia, Haematology and Nephrology Clinic


Neonatology deals with the specialized care of pre-term babies and full-term babies with complications. We have one of the best Neonatal ICUs of international standards. We have NICU fully equipped with ventilators, double surface photo therapy unit ,advanced NICU radiant warmers, pulse oximeter, exchange transfusions, infant non-invasive blood-pressure monitoring, required to treat and conduct advanced procedures, including administering surfactant therapy on newly born babies and infants. The NICU looks after babies that need extra care, if they are extremely premature, have heart conditions or need surgical care

The PICU area is well equipped to offer life support services. Latest multi parameter monitors have been installed at each bed in the PICU. Our PICU is equipped with ventilators ,EEG and latest gadgets for children suffering from serious diseases.

Pediatric surgery
We have state of art OT where Paediatric Surgery and neonatal surgical support is available round the clock for all kinds pediatric and neonatal surgeries. Our hospital offers various treatments and surgeries like Neonatal Surgery, Paediatric Urology – kidney problems, Paediatric Gastrointestinal Surgery, stomach and gut problems, Surgery for congenital malformations problems, hydrocephalus and spine deformities, Foreign bodies in the bronchus or Esophagus, Burns, Trauma/accidents which requires surgery. Our team backed by Neonatal and Pediatric ICU facilities provides excellent post operative care needed for final successful outcome .








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